There is no shortage of work to be done. Together we will…

Act on climate 

The climate crisis poses challenges and opportunities of unprecedented scope. While Vermont cannot solve this crisis on its own, our action is imperative. If elected, I’ll work with my colleagues to pass a Green New Deal for Vermont, a suite of policies designed to facilitate an equitable transition from yesterday’s economy to one which prioritizes the health of the planet and its people.

We must halt all construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure and empower regulators to uphold carbon emission reduction standards. We must also invest in rapid development of weatherized, public-transit oriented housing. We will incentivize creation of new careers in green industries and ensure our communities are primed to be resilient in the face of change. 

Promote economic OPPORTUNITY

For young people and families it is far too difficult to thrive, and sometimes stay, in Vermont. We need a robust paid family and medical leave program – one that includes temporary disability insurance for individuals. Every Vermonter deserves a livable wage, regardless of where they reside or what they do. 

The costs of pursuing an education beyond high school and providing care for young children should not condemn Vermonters to financial insecurity; we must invest in education in Vermont, both K-12 and post-secondary opportunities, as if we actually valued education! For reasons stretching beyond economic development, it is imperative that the state rises to the challenge of ensuring high speed internet access for all Vermonters.


For far too long we have addressed the opioid crisis with half measures. Implementing innovative, evidence-based approaches to addressing this public health crisis, such as the decriminalization of buprenorphine and legalization of overdose prevention sites, must be done with urgency. We must do more to keep families together when grappling with substance use disorder and facilitate long term recovery for our friends and neighbors.

The same lens of compassion should be applied for a closer look at our criminal justice system, with eyes towards reform and decarceration. We must immediately reallocate funds from policing towards greater investments in mental health care and social services. 

Housing is health care. No Vermonter should be unhoused.


You should never struggle to make your voice heard in Montpelier – nor have difficulty knowing where your representatives stand on the issues. You won’t have to guess about my priorities and opinions; I’ll solicit community feedback at as many decision points as possible when the legislature considers a policy impacting you. We might not always agree, but you’ll always know what I think about a given topic – and upon what information I base a vote.

Every policy must first be considered for its impacts upon vulnerable and marginalized communities. There is no progress without equity.